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TGM    Door-Closing-Meter
The TGM is an easy to use mobile device to determine  the exact speed of car doors and closures. It consists of a hand held measuring device and a measuring head.  The measuring head is fixed to the car with a suction  cup. If the closing door passes the measuring head the  TGM determines the door speed with an accuracy of  two digits behind the point in m/s.  
Measuring: determining the minimum speed required for a safe closure of the car door. Testing: fast checking if the door closing speed lies within a specified speed range.
Optional: USB Export USB Connection to export the measuring results from the TGM into your software application; for example MS Excel Analog Output Exports the measuring result as a voltage to integrate the TGM into a mechanic testing construction
Used in quality control, research & development or during the prototype phase.
For further information or a free of charge Trial TGM for 30 days: +49-2375-688